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PARKING | Systems and Solutions for Large Photovoltaic Parkings

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ESG is an acronym that stands for “Environmental, Social, and Governance.” It refers to three key factors that investors consider to assess a company’s performance and behavior in terms of sustainability and social responsibility. Investors use these metrics to assess the risk and return of investments, as well as the social and environmental impact of their investment decisions. It is important for companies to take into account ESG factors because they influence the perception of investors, customers, employees, and society at large. Taking these factors into consideration can lead to better risk management, enhance corporate reputation, attract responsible investors, and support long-term growth. Furthermore, a commitment to sustainable and socially responsible practices can contribute to mitigating environmental and social risks, improving community relations, and fostering consumer trust. Finally, a focus on ESG can be a driver of innovation and operational efficiency, enabling companies to better adapt to the challenges and opportunities of the current market.


The photovoltaic parking, using solar energy, reduces emissions and consumption, enhancing corporate sustainability and contributing to the fight against climate change. This transition not only improves the environment but also strengthens the company's social and environmental responsibility.


Investing in a photovoltaic parking not only highlights a company's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, improving its reputation among customers, employees, and the local community, but can also yield tangible benefits such as job creation in the solar industry.


Investing in sustainable solutions like a photovoltaic parking facility can reflect a corporate governance oriented toward the long term and a focus on stakeholder interests. Furthermore, it demonstrates prudent resource management and a commitment to transparency and corporate responsibility.

Renewable Energy|The Great Unexplored Resource of Photovoltaic Parking

The parkings are a widespread but underused infrastructure in terms of energy potential. Despite the spread of photovoltaics, its large-scale implementation remains limited. There are successful cases, such as French legislation, which requires the installation of photovoltaic canopies for at least 50% of parking spaces with more than 80 parking spaces.

How They Works|Turning Your Parking Areas into Energy Sources

Photovoltaic parkings transform park spaces into energy production centres. Using solar panels mounted on galvanized steel roofs, these plants capture and convert solar energy into electricity. This is the last frontier of the production of Energy from Renewable Sources, optimizing and exploiting large spaces available and currently unused.

A Corporate and Customer Benefit | Great Benefits Beyond Clean Energy

These car parks are not only energy sources, but offer tangible benefits to motorists. In addition to providing shade and shelter from the weathering, they allow charging of electric cars during parking, reducing the use of air conditioning and offering an opportunity to charge during daily activities. They are an added value for employees, collaborators and customers.

Photovoltaic Parkings
Transversal Arrangement

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Photovoltaic Parkings
Frontal Arrangement

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Stabilization of the Electricity Grid | Innovation in Energy Management

Photovoltaic parking lots can play a crucial role in stabilizing the electricity grid through bidirectional charging. Electric cars can store energy during the day and return it during peak evening consumption, facilitating the management of energy supply and demand. In fact, the cars are stopped during the day.

Low Costs and Environmental Sustainability | Great Benefits in the Long Term

These plants require minimal maintenance and have low operating costs, making them an advantageous solution for both the public and private sectors. However, large-scale adoption would require significant investment in two-way charging infrastructure, which is currently sparse. The direction is the right one, the big investors are convinced.

Expectations Become a Certainty | Green Future with Photovoltaic Parkings

At a time when the transition to sustainable energy sources is imperative, photovoltaic parking spaces represent a tangible opportunity to exploit the urban, commercial and industrial space in an innovative way. If properly encouraged and developed, they could radically transform the way we perceive and use parking areas.

Plinths Foundations and Bases
for Photovoltaic Parkings

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Bollards Barricades and Barriers
for Photovoltaic Parkings

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